A Year’s Supply Of Fresh Starts

If the first thing you think of when you wake up everyday is YOU, then we need to have a talk.

Potentially Kinetic and Energetic

While my external life has been thriving, my internal development has been a little stagnant. You know what they say; it’s darkest before the dawn. Well, it’s pretty dark, and I’m about to rise the sun up in this b*tch.

3 Minute Economy Cure

Let’s put this plan into action. It’s so simple it just might work. You’ll see.

Featured Image of George

Nothing Happens When You Click Here

I wasn’t kidding!!   Look around the site.  There are tons of videos for you to watch and hopefully get something from.  Maybe it’s going to be a tip on how to handle something that troubles you or maybe it’s a fresh outlook on something that was getting stale for you.  Perhaps it’s just going … Continue reading

HITNR Episode 74- You’re Never Alone (In Traffic)

You can’t be alone in traffic. By nature, traffic is full of people! So don’t feel so bad for yourself, you’re not alone.

HITNR Episode 72- Too Fat To Fly?!

Is that even possible? Yes it is, and believe me, as much as it’s about money for the airline, it’s about health for the person. It’s not discrimination, it’s just the way it is. If you take up 2 seats, you have to pay for 2 seats. If I sound at all insensitive to the … Continue reading

I Love Love Pt. 7- Whaddya Mean What Do I Mean?

Have you ever been in a relationship with somebody that you just can’t stand? And you just can’t UNDERstand? There can be no communication at that point because you are speaking two totally different languages. Once you say to each other “what do you mean what do I mean?” then it’s just time to pack … Continue reading

HITNR Episode 69- Never Forget, But Try To Forgive

Has anybody ever asked you the question “Do you feel bad because you know what you did was wrong, or do you feel bad because you got caught?” If you are the type to feel bad because you got caught, you’re probably not too quick to forgive because forgiveness means that whoever wronged you is … Continue reading

HITNR Episode 68- Osama Bin Lesson

A good day for Americans, a bad day for humans. As I observed the America reaction to the death of Osama Bin Laden, I couldn’t help but feel disgust. I thought to myself “They danced like animals in the street when the towers fell. This is no different.” However, what the disgust allowed me to … Continue reading